Hotel in Kristiansand

Picture of Kristiansand city centre, taken by Gunnar Ridderstrøm

Welcome to the south of Norway! Kristiansand is known for its beautiful coastline, sunny beaches and charming people. In the city you can find several great restaurant, lovely nature and a relaxing atmosphere that makes Kristiansand the perfect holiday destination. Just outside the city you’ll also find Kristiansand Zoo, the perfect place to spend the day for families.

Citybox Kristiansand Lite

Our hotel in Kristiansand is located in the middle of the city with walking distance to everything. Here you are never far away from restaurants or shopping opportunities. Enjoy the day as a proper tourist! Walk in the cozy streets, take a swim on the city beach and come back and relax on your comfortable room at Citybox when the day is done.

Remember that you can always ask our hosts or check out our Guide for tips on what to explore while you’re visiting the city.

The facade of Citybox Kristiansand Lite, our hotel in Kristiansand.